I’m Baaaaack!! (for now)

So if anyone has noticed, I really haven’t been blogging in a few months.  I thought my blog was dead from the start, and with school I really haven’t had time to do much.  Also, Poptropica really hasn’t been doing it for me lately.  I’m not sure if I’m growing out of it, or it’s just not as great as it once was, but I rarely go on anymore.  I still frequently visit and comment on the PHB to know what’s going on, but that’s it.  On a brighter note, since school is out for winter break, I’m going to start back up my blog!  I’m not sure if I’ll continue it yet, but who knows what can happen?  Anyways, everyone have a happy holiday and Merry Christmas! (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate!) 🙂

~Perfect Dragon


A few thing happening in Poptropica

Hey guys, so there’s been a lot going on at Poptropica recently!  First off, the Poptropica Music Volume 1 is now available!  You can get the songs on either itunes or Amazon. 🙂

poptropica music

Also, Survival episode 5 is supposed to come out for members today!  However, I checked and it wasn’t on the map. 😦  Hopefully it’ll be released later today!   So the creators’ haven’t mentioned the PoptropiCon release date for everyone, but going with their usual island pattern it will come out along with Survival ep. 5!  😀

poptropica survival

Last but certainly not least, Cosmoe is back and is getting his own book series!  When i logged onto my account yesterday, and went to Early Poptropica, Cosmoe was standing both outside and inside the common room.  When you talk to him, he’ll says he’s waiting for princess Dagger.  You also can ask him what’s in his hand, and he’ll claim there is a sword, but….he’s holding nothing.  (At least for my account).

cosmoe1              cosmoe2

As a wrap up this post, we are left with many mysterious questions…Will Survival episode 5 and PoptropiCon episode 1 for members come out today?!?…..Will anyone actually buy the Poptropica Music Album?!?…..WHERE IS COSMOE’S GOOBER SWORD?!?

~Perfect Dragon


PoptropiCon and Mission Atlantis 3

 Hey guys!  So not to long ago, PoptropiCon episode 1 came out for members, and Mission Atlantis 3 came out for non-members!  As I’m not a member, I haven’t been able to play PoptropiCon, but I hear it’s awesome!  An island based on costumes is my kind of island!  On to Mission Atlantis!  I just played it for the first time yesterday, and honestly, i really didn’t like it.  I thought getting the disks to their spots was tedious and boring.  I kept waiting for the plot to kick in, but for me it never did.  On the bright side, I enjoyed the “visions” out poptropicans’ got, and the ending was pretty good as well.  (lol did the empty suit freak anyone else out!?!)  I just feel like Mission Atlantis has such a cool concept, but the creators didn’t execute it well.  All in all, it wasn’t my least favorite island, (*cough, cough, Virus Hunter, cough, cough*), but I don’t think it was very good.

~Perfect Dragon

ALS #Icebucket challenge on Poptropica!

Hey guys,  the ALS ice bucket challenge has reached our poptropicans!  Just by logging in you will be given this card:



It does say for a limited time only at the top, so get it before it disappears!  This is what it looks like when you use it (besides the water under my feet from Early Poptropica!):

als icebucket


I think this is a great idea for an item, but the ice water dumps really  fast!  It took my awhile just to get a picture of the ice pouring!  Tell me if you guys think in the comments!

~Perfect Dragon


PoptropiCon Coming!


Hey guys, so The Black Widow recently posted on the Creators’ Blog, saying that PoptropiCon is coming for members August 28th!  unfortunately, I’m not a member, 😦 , but tell me if it’s good or not!  It’s an episodic island, ( *sighs*, yes, ANOTHER one), and the first one is called Line Forms Here! Even though I am an episode island hater, I’m really looking forward to this one!  Tell me what you guys think in the comments! 🙂

~Perfect Dragon


Hey everybody!   I’m Perfect Dragon and this is my new blog!  It’s just starting out and is probably going to be a bit rough for awhile, so just bear with me! 🙂  Since this is my first post, I’ll tell you guys about me!  I’ve been playing Poptropica on and off since about 2007!  Yes, a very long time! 😛  I really love Poptropica and was inspired by other blogs to start my own!  I don’t really have much experience with blogs, but I really want this to be a great one.  Also, my name is Perfect Dragon for the obvious reasons, I’m a dragon and I’m perfect!  🙂  Just kidding,  but that’s going to be my name on here!  Thanks for visiting!

~Perfect Dragon