Velma (from Scooby Doo)


1.) Make your skin kinda pale

2.) Dye your hair dark brown and make it a bit short

3.) Get any orange shirt, I used one from Mythology Island

4.) Get any red skirt

5.)  Get some glasses and you’re good to go!

Daphne (from Scooby Doo)


1.) Costumize the hair from Vampire girl 1 and dye it orange

2.) Get thick bangs, which can be found in many common rooms

3.) Get pink lips

4.) Get any purple shirt and skirt, and you’re done!

Fred (from Scooby Doo)


1.) Get any basic short hair and dye it blonde

2.) Get a white shirt with a blue tie

3.)  Get any blue pants, and you’re Fred!



1.) Color your skin blue and your hair blonde

2.) Costumize the hair from Vampire girl 1

3.) Get a white dress and thick bangs, which can both usually be found in common rooms



1.) Find and costumize a blue shirt

2.) Dye your skin blue, the closer shade to the shirt the better

3.) Dye your hair white and try to find a white hat like the one above

4.) Get some white pants and you’re done!

Hipster girl


1.) Get a ponytail with headphones, which can be found on the beginning of Super Villain Island

2.) Costumize lots of bangs

3.) Get a hoodie or jacket

4.) Costumize a backpack, which are often found on the NPC’s (non player characters) of Early Poptropica Island

5.) Get some blue jeans, and you’re done!

Punk Rocker


1.) The rockstar costume from the store is required for this costume

2.) Costumize any of the different colored hairs, shirts and guitars from the rockstar costume

3.) Get some black pants

4.) Costumize a leather jacket or vest, which can usualy be found in common rooms

5.) Find some grey or black lips and costumize them

6.) Don’t forget the eyeliner and star!


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