A few thing happening in Poptropica

Hey guys, so there’s been a lot going on at Poptropica recently!  First off, the Poptropica Music Volume 1 is now available!  You can get the songs on either itunes or Amazon. 🙂

poptropica music

Also, Survival episode 5 is supposed to come out for members today!  However, I checked and it wasn’t on the map. 😦  Hopefully it’ll be released later today!   So the creators’ haven’t mentioned the PoptropiCon release date for everyone, but going with their usual island pattern it will come out along with Survival ep. 5!  😀

poptropica survival

Last but certainly not least, Cosmoe is back and is getting his own book series!  When i logged onto my account yesterday, and went to Early Poptropica, Cosmoe was standing both outside and inside the common room.  When you talk to him, he’ll says he’s waiting for princess Dagger.  You also can ask him what’s in his hand, and he’ll claim there is a sword, but….he’s holding nothing.  (At least for my account).

cosmoe1              cosmoe2

As a wrap up this post, we are left with many mysterious questions…Will Survival episode 5 and PoptropiCon episode 1 for members come out today?!?…..Will anyone actually buy the Poptropica Music Album?!?…..WHERE IS COSMOE’S GOOBER SWORD?!?

~Perfect Dragon



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