PoptropiCon and Mission Atlantis 3

 Hey guys!  So not to long ago, PoptropiCon episode 1 came out for members, and Mission Atlantis 3 came out for non-members!  As I’m not a member, I haven’t been able to play PoptropiCon, but I hear it’s awesome!  An island based on costumes is my kind of island!  On to Mission Atlantis!  I just played it for the first time yesterday, and honestly, i really didn’t like it.  I thought getting the disks to their spots was tedious and boring.  I kept waiting for the plot to kick in, but for me it never did.  On the bright side, I enjoyed the “visions” out poptropicans’ got, and the ending was pretty good as well.  (lol did the empty suit freak anyone else out!?!)  I just feel like Mission Atlantis has such a cool concept, but the creators didn’t execute it well.  All in all, it wasn’t my least favorite island, (*cough, cough, Virus Hunter, cough, cough*), but I don’t think it was very good.

~Perfect Dragon


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