ALS #Icebucket challenge on Poptropica!

Hey guys,  the ALS ice bucket challenge has reached our poptropicans!  Just by logging in you will be given this card:



It does say for a limited time only at the top, so get it before it disappears!  This is what it looks like when you use it (besides the water under my feet from Early Poptropica!):

als icebucket


I think this is a great idea for an item, but the ice water dumps really  fast!  It took my awhile just to get a picture of the ice pouring!  Tell me if you guys think in the comments!

~Perfect Dragon



One thought on “ALS #Icebucket challenge on Poptropica!

  1. Coool! Haha get it? xD I accepted the #IceBucketChallenge! Yes, same with me. It took me a while to take a picture because it goes really fast!


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